Thursday, July 24, 2014

Visit England

England is a perfect getaway spot it comes to enjoying a country with a long history and a rich culture. It has the fabled cobblestone streets and endless lofts of grass which makeup a spectacular environment of unparalleled tranquility. To make England even more interesting, there is also the undeniable touch of grace and sophistication which the English are famous for. Thecountry is teeming with cherished icons of a past era, like landmarks which can be seen in Stonehenge, Tower Bridge, Eton and Oxford. A trip to its magnificent urban areas on the other hand is all it takes to experience English modernity at its finest. From fine dining, wining and all night dancing, these hot spots surely have everything going.

England is also perfect for the most alluring nature trips. It has great collection of woodland areas where you can relax and enjoy flowers, plants, animals and birds. Put these all together and any visitor will truly be in for a nature trip like no other. Be sure to pack up your camping gear for a day or two in the English woods, and bring that camera too.

England will always be interesting because the English language, commerce and freedom found their origins here. Proud of its history and avant-garde culture, England has been the home of Queen Elizabeth I, Princess Diana, Robin Hood, Shakespeare, the Beatles, Jane Austen, among other world-famous names.

London – The Iconic Capital
To others, England is London; and to some London is England. England’s capital, London is known as one of the world’s greatest cities. It offers myriad of centuries-old palaces, monuments and cathedrals. London is likewise known for its fantastic shops and boutiques where you could find varied, rare and breath-taking clothes selection from world-renowned fashion designers. Fantastic and classy museums abound, where they feature best selections on science, natural history, art, fine arts, books, medieval weapons, and more. London has also developed an outstanding set of new restaurants and offers foods from all walks of the world.

England is also known for the grandiose architecture and grounds of it’s famous universities, the Oxford University and the Cambridge University. Cathedrals such as Christ Church, York Minster, Durham, Winchester and St. Paul are likewise spread around England like real houses of God because of their brilliant architecture and glorious aesthetics.

One of England’s best, the Stonehenge, is the five-thousand-year-old collection of 50-ton stones on the Salisbury plain that can be compared to the shining stars on a moonlit night. And for real travel pleasure, enjoy the wonderful experience of Bath’s calming hot springs and breathtaking walks in the Lake District, the escarpments of the Cotswolds, and the White Cliffs of Dover.